CCM Workshop 2023

CCM is holding its first workshop on March 27, 28, and 30 via Zoom from 2-5pm ET. The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to the Coherent Captain Mills experiment and provide participants with code and files that will make it straightforward to develop specific predictions for CCM. 

Uploaded talks and recordings can be viewed here.

Day 1: A set of 20'+10' talks introducing CCM

  1. Intro/Overview -- Richard Van de Water and Janet Conrad
  2. Beam, Detector and Life in a Neutron Environment -- Ed Dunton
  3. Light in LAr, Optical Modeling and PID -- Nick Kamp
  4. Leptophobic Limits and ~100 keV Physics -- Mayank Tripathi
  5. Axion Searches and ~1 MeV Physics -- Ed Dunton
  6. DSCMD and ~10 MeV Physics --Adrian Thompson

Day 2:   Introduction to Using LeptonInjector to Model CCM

  1. Beam Files (20'+10') -- Adrian Thompson
  2. Introduction to LeptonInjector (50'+10') -- Austin Schneider
  3. Getting LeptonInjector Going (remainder of this session) -- with help from Austin, Nick and Adrian

Day 3:  Final exchanges of ideas

  1. Talks By Participants  (Please contact Janet Conrad to sign up)

                  a) Matheus Hostert, "Mirror neutrons and other exotic signals in CCM"                 

                  b) Vishvas Pandey, "Potential Cross Section Measurements in CCM"

                  c) Wei-Chih Huang, "Probing light dark matter using inelastic nuclear scattering"

                  d) Richard Van De Water, "Future Dark Sector Searches at LANSCE with CCI (Coherent CsI detector)

       2. Final help with LeptonInjector